Our Approach

95% of Incentives available to small and medium sized businesses are left on the table.  I work with a specialty tax firm that has been recovering incentive money for over 14 years with a track record of integrity and success.

My Story

I am a 28-year Las Vegas resident, UNLV graduate and private pilot. My background includes real estate sales, life coaching for parents of special needs children, and retirement planning for educators.

I grew up with my parent’s family owned factory that made New Year’s party favors. In the early 80’s they recovered incentive money for a new die cut machine. This money helped their business and 100+ employees and their families thrive. Supporting US businesses like yours with incentives has far-reaching effects for a healthy and growing economy.

When I’m not helping business owners like you recover incentive money, I go hiking in our beautiful Las Vegas “outback.”

Next Steps…

Give me a call today, let’s get your company the incentives it deserves.

Warm regards,
Nannette DiMascio